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Further Reading - London

0140274499_m.gif (13062 bytes)The "Time Out" London Guide
Synopsis ~ The seventh edition of the Time Out London Guide has been comprehensively revised and updated by a London-based team of writers and researchers. It is packed with up-to-the-minute listing information and informed critical comment on all that London has to offer.


Lonely Planet : London
Synopsis ~ Including 24 full-colour map pages and four guided walk plans, this travel guide to the city of London also covers: transport, accommodation, entertainment, eating, and day-trips out of the capital.


0333576888_m.gif (13883 bytes)The London Encyclopedia
Synopsis ~ A revised and updated reference book, comprised of 5000 entries, organized alphabetically and cross-referenced. Everything that is important in the history and culture of London is documented, from its first settlement to the present day.
Review ~ Steph ( from London, 8 August, 1999
Excellent and easy to use. Recommended by a great guide. Really useful and full of facinating facts. This book was recommended by a tour guide in London who was full of facts taken from this very book. My only criticism is that there are not enough pictures to show you what your looking for when exploring this amazing city.


Londons' East End
Synopsis ~ From the riverside and docks where pirates were hanged, to the monasteries and slums east of the Tower, the East End presents a rich tapestry of English history. This text recreates life in the East End over the last five centuries with anecdotes, folk tales, diary excerpts and illustrations.


0719552885_m.gif (16542 bytes)London Under London
Synopsis ~ One of the most popular books on London (it has reprinted six times since it was first published in 1984) London under London has now been updated to take into account the latest subterranean developments. A new section covers: the pioneering deep level water main 80 kilometres in length, much longer even than the Channel Tunnel; new power tunnels and the enormous substation beneath Leicester Square; new underground railways; glass fibre communication; and much more. Clearly, metropolitan man is burrowing as actively as ever.


In the Footsteps of the Gunpowder Plotters
Review ~ Conall Boyle ( from Birmingham, England , 12 October, 1998
(as the author I would say that I loved it! The Gunpowder Plot is still celebrated by English children, with the ritual burning of Guy Fawkes in effigy. But behind that is a real story of English gentry in the Midlands. Desperate to preserve their religion (catholicism) they gambled everything on a last desparate Plot. The explosion was planned for the Houses of Parliament in London of course, but the real action was to be in the Midlands. Since nearly all of the Plotters came from big houses in the Midlands this is understandable. It was here too, at Dunchurch near Coventry the the real uprising was to take place. In this book you will discover the houses the plotters came from, and visited after the fateful events of 5th November 1605. There are walks, cycle rides and car drives, which take you to where the action was. You can see where an explosion really took place and where some of the Plotters met a gruesome end. Lots of enjoyable days out, and with an interesting historical twist! Buy it!

0140278974_m.gif (12928 bytes)"Time Out" Book of London Walks
Synopsis ~ 30 walks around London, each by a separate writer who either lives in the area or is associated with it. Each walk is accompanied by a detailed map, and there are further suggestion for pubs and cafes along the route. Entries include Margaret Forster on Hampstead Heath.


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