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Further Reading - Scotland

1858283027_m.gif (13320 bytes)Scotland: the Rough Guide
Synopsis ~ This third edition unravels a country whose literature ranges across Robert Burns and "Trainspotting", and whose legends span "Braveheart" and the Loch Ness Monster.
Review ~ Harry Winckworth ( from Lincolnshire, 31 August, 1999
Fine guide whether you're staying for a weekend or 6 months. A thoroughly recommended reference; proved very useful to me in recent trips to both Edinburgh and Glasgow. Since returning I have taken the time to read the other chapters, such is the quality of writing on each region of the country. Section on Edinburgh is particularly good for choosing what to see and what not to when staying for only a short time. As with all Rough Guides, the social, cultural and historical background is excellent, although the book's near obsession with awful commercial Gaelic rock group Runrig proves a little tiresome! This a tiny niggle to what was the only book I needed on holiday this summer.


Great Houses of Scotland
Synopsis ~ Revealing Scots architecture in its grandest form, the 26 houses in this book reflect the evolution of architectural style, from old tower houses such as Cawdor and Traquair to the bartizans of Glamis, the baroque of Drumlanrig and the Dutch-inspired classicism of Kinross.


0004721527_m.gif (14351 bytes)Edinburgh the Best!
Synopsis ~ From the main attractions of the city to the best walks, from tearooms to French restaurants, from pubs to Sunday breakfasts, this book provides an incisive guide to all Edinburgh has to offer.


Magic and Mysteries: Scotland
Review ~ A reader from Minnesota, USA, 4 June, 1999
Exactly what I was looking for in a picture book of Scotland If you're looking for a coffee table picture book of Scotland, your search has ended. Not only are the pictures tremendous but the historical and descriptive text gives meaning to the images. For those not fortunate enough to have visited Scotland, this book is sure to influence your future travel plans.


Scottish Country Houses 1600-1914
Synopsis ~ From great classical houses like Hopetoun to familiar castles such as Glamis and Craigievar, this work covers a range of building styles from the late Middle Ages onwards. The work of the great names of Scottish architecture is also examined, including that of Sir William Bruce, William Adam, Robert Adam, William Leiper and Sir John Burnet.


185158983x_m.gif (15233 bytes)Dive Scapa Flow
Synopsis ~ This is a comprehensive and fully revised guide to the Orkney wrecks - the intact remains of the scuttled German fleet, U-boats, steamers, tugs and Churchill's "Blockships". The author uses a mixture of historical narrative of the scuttling and subsequent salvage to describe the events at the end of World War I. The book includes details of the site and studies much deeper wrecks, with special emphasis on HMS Hampshire, only reached with the advent of "technical diving". Information on charterers, travel and accommodation is also included.


Scottish Tourist Board Touring Guide to Scotland
Synopsis ~ This guide presents over 1400 things to do and places to visit in Scotland, with each entry cross-referenced to locator maps. Opening hours, telephone numbers, facilities and admission charges are also detailed, as well as information on access for disabled visitors.


Scottish Journey
Synopsis ~ First published in 1935, this is an account of Edwin Muir's journey around Scotland, from Edinburgh to the Lowlands, to Glasgow and the Highlands. The work is not just a piece of travel writing, it is also a quest for the real nature of Scottish identity.


0563371765_m.gif (16702 bytes)Wilderness Walks
Synopsis ~ With each walk divided into sections, so that readers can plan part or the whole of the walk, this is a guide to 12 wilderness walks in Scotland. Detailed sketch-maps of the routes are accompanied by information on camp sites, parking and refreshment stops.


St Cuthbert's Way
Synopsis ~ The official trail guide to St Cuthbert's Way. Visiting a number of places closely associated with the saint's life, this newly developed walk is full of historical interest and natural beauty. St Cuthbert is said to have started his ministry in Melrose in the Scottish Borders and finished in Holy Island, and today's pilgrims will link these places by a route which culminates in the Holy Island causeway at Beal.


Edinburgh: The Mini Rough Guide
Synopsis ~ This mini guide to Scotland details hotels, restaurants, bars and shopping, travel and, of course, all the sights.


Mull and Iona
Synopsis ~ Remote, romantic and often mysterious, the islands off the coast of Scotland hold a strong fascination for thousands of visitors each year. Focusing on Mull and Iona, this title is one of a series of illustrated guidebooks providing information on heritage, landscape, climate, flora and fauna.


0862416744_m.gif (14148 bytes)The Nature of Scotland
Synopsis ~ This is an illustrated study of the interdependence of the landscape, the wildlife and the people of Scotland. It begins with Scotland's violent birth, and retells tales of the early hunters who followed the retreating ice and the first farmers who cleared the land and began farming. The authors go on to discuss the implicit conflicts in the use of land today, and the state of the environment and the other forces which have transformed the landscape and wildlife today.


St Kilda: Island on the Edge of the World
Synopsis ~ A part of Britain but a world apart, St Kilda society existed almost completely isolated from the mainstream of civilization for more than 1000 years. Increased contact with the mainland during the 19th century brought about the downfall of what many once regarded as an ideal society. Missionaries and tourists brought money, disease and despotism. In 1930 the islanders, who could no longer support themselves, were finally evacuated at their own request. The island, which is difficult to access, is now a nature reserve.


1851588272_m.gif (14340 bytes)Skye
Synopsis ~ Skye is one of the most beautiful parts of Britain. To the people who live there it is simply "an t-eilean", the island, and it occupies an almost mythical place in the minds of many Scots. This book portrays Skye as it really is, with colour photographs by Cailean Maclean.


Clinging to the Edge
Synopsis ~ Papa Westray, mystical island of the monks, has 25 households, 70 or so permanent residents, and a mini-economy based on cattle, sheep and shell fishing. This book provides on insight into life on the island, capturing the strains, stresses and joys of being a compact community.
Review ~ A reader from London, UK , 28 December, 1998
Entrancing account of life on a small Orkney island Jim Hewitson has written an entrancing book about life on the tiny but beautiful and historic Orkney island of Papa Westray. Each chapter is a story in itself, bringing the island's delightful characters to life. A professional journalist, Jim has an experienced eye and a great skill with words. He lives on the island and understands the key issues in Papa Westray's struggle to survive in the modern world. An excellent book for anyone interested in Orkney or small island life.


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